Garden Waste Collection Subscription 2022/23

Our agreement with you

  • Your green bin should be used for grass, leaves, plants, weeds, flowers, twigs and small branches. If your green bin contains material other than this it will not be emptied and you will be responsible for removing and disposing of the contents appropriately.
  • Your green bin will be delivered to your property within two weeks of the date of your request. If it has not been delivered within two weeks please contact Customer Services on 01902 696203.
  • Your green bin should be placed at the edge of your property on collection day with the handles facing the road. This should be no later than 07:00 and the bin will be returned to the edge of your property after emptying. Please do not leave bins on the footpath or grass verge as this may cause an obstruction to pedestrians.
  • For operators safety when loading, we are unable to empty bins where the lid cannot be completely closed. Please do not leave garden waste at the side of the bin as it will not be collected.
  • Green bin collections are not made throughout the year: please check collection dates online at Any amendments to collection dates/schedules will be advertised.
  • There are no limits to the number of additional green bins that can be purchased
  • Please be aware that we will not return to empty your bin in the following circumstances:
  1. You are reporting a missed bin more than one working day after collection.
  2. You have placed the wrong bin out for collection.
  3. Crews have already visited your property and your bin was not presented (bins must be out from 07:00 when first collections start).
  4. You have presented a non-Council issued bin.
  5. You have presented excess garden waste (e.g. bagged at the side of the bin).
  6. You have placed unacceptable waste in your green bin.
  7. Your bin is too heavy and either cannot be moved by the crews or cannot fix safely onto the lifting equipment on the vehicle.
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